What to choose? (hjelp?)

Jeg må nå velge mine valgfag for neste halvår, men det er ikke så lett! Er alt for mange bra valg, og jeg får bare to! (+ at de fleste so kjenner meg vet at jeg ikke er verdens beste på å velge -  er ikke så lett å velge hvilken is man vil ha når så mange er gode)
Må sette opp valg 1-3 for de to bolkene med uker...vanskeligere enn å velge linje på vgs. det her.
Kom gjerne med innspill;P Legger ved tabell med hva jeg kunne tenke meg og beskrivelse!

valgfag copy

2009 Graphic and Product Elective Project Options:
You take one elective option in the first round of the paper and another option for the second round
unless you choose a full elective option from The School of Languages.

Ca l l i g r a p h y ( f i r s t r o u n d o n l y )
This is an introduction to the craft of handwritten letters, which will develop sensitivity to
all types of lettering. Several letterforms are taught, along with a range of techniques to
bring colour and texture to the interpretation of a text ? which will form the final project.
Basic tools are provided for classes, but students will need to purchase some materials
later in the course.

Do c u m e n t a r y F i l m a n d D i g i t a l P h o t o g r a p h y ( f i r s t r o u n d o n l y )
Students in this elective choose a theme to investigate through a series of documentary
images. A range of digital techniques will be shown plus black and white darkroom
processes will be demonstrated for those who have not done film photography before.
Those with prior film and darkroom experience can use both black and white and colour.
Students will need access to either a digital or film camera. Please note that this
programme runs on both Tuesdays and Thursdays to allow more darkroom access.

L i m i t e d E d i t i o n B o o k b i n d i n g ( f i r s t r o u n d o n l y )
This elective is made up of 2 aspects: 1) Workshop demonstrations of different limited
edition bookbinding styles. 2) The content for your limited edition will initially be
developed in consultation with the tutor but is essentially a self-directed project. Please
note that the context for your project is the Artists? Books tradition, starting with the
Russian Avant-Garde, through German artists books, ?Fluxus, etc. The project also invites
connections between these more historic movements and today?s ?on demand? print
culture. (See The International Journal Of The Book).

L e t t e r P r e s s P r i n t i n g a n d B o o k b i n d i n g ( r o u n d o n e a n d t w o )
This elective introduces moveable metal letter type setting and basic bookbinding
techniques. In letter Press you are introduced to moveable metal letter type setting,
preparing it on the press, inking and printing. Then in Bookbinding you will bind your
printed material with a decorative cover using different binding techniques.

S c r e e n P r i n t i n g ( r o u n d o n e a n d t w o )
In this elective you will be introduced to basic screen printing. You will learn to create a
combination of hand cut and computer generated artwork for use in the screen printing
process. The main emphasis will be screen printing an individual project using various
colours / blends / patterns etc that can be used in conjunction with other resource areas
within the school.

T ? S h i r t S c r e e n P r i n t i n g ( r o u n d o n e a n d t w o )
This elective introduces the student to T-Shirt printing. Materials, artwork designs,
technologies and equipment will be covered through practical projects. Safety and
housekeeping procedures must be followed at all times. Printing on Dark as well as light
coloured T-Shirts will be explored.

A d v a n c e d P h o t o g r a p h i c P r o j e c t ( s e c o n d r o u n d o n l y )
This project allows students who have done the previous ?Documentary Film and Digital
Photography? elective - or studied it in their programme - to negotiate a project, which
they then develop. Workshop sessions on studio photography are available. Students will
need access to cameras. Please note that this programme runs on both Tuesdays and
Thursdays to allow more darkroom access.

P s y c h o l o g y ( s e c o n d r o u n d o n l y )
This elective will help you gain a better understanding of the mechanisms by which people
usually perceive, act and react to stimuli and the environment around them. Consequently
you will be able to design with purpose, with reason and with control. You will appreciate
that people differ in their thoughts and feelings, and that there are different stages of
mental and social development, so that you will be able to design appropriate messages
and approaches that have appeal to, and impact on, different groups of people. You will
be able to describe the mental processes you are using and evoking in others in your
designs and be able to consciously draw upon these mental processes to do a better job.
Best of all, you will learn more about yourself.
Please note: The focus of this elective is on psychology and how it relates to design.

Hadde vært kult å ha språk også (kinesisk, japansk, spansk), men jeg er vel i bunn og grunn egentlig ikke her for å lære språk. Selvom mandarin (kinesisk) kan være ganske handy når man driver enhver form for business. Men akkurat det språket er online kurs. Og japansk..ah, det hadde vært dritkult. Men nei, må bli noe relatert til design.

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