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OBS! Teksten inneholder spoilers om du ikke har sett opptill noen av de siste episodene av Heroes ses.3.




Related to lecture about Freud

I found this cool sticker of The Joker on a lamp post right by where I live, and thought it would be a good think sticking in my visual diary. Especially when related to Freudian theories, as the Joker isn't ecxactly portrayed as a sane person. I thought about it and found out that I might as well think about all villains instead of just one, as they all sort of fit into the same profile.

Villains are controlled by their subcouncious mind and their id. They have needs and desires, and they want to forfill these rapidly. Of course, some villains scheem. Maybe to have world domination. But if they are presented with an opportunity, they take it instantly. This probably makes them feel like they are in control, as they are ruled by what Freud describes as the anal fixation. They enjoy beeing in control, not just of themselves, but also of others. They do not really care of these others, as what they think is most precious is themselves. Behaving like this, gives them satisfaction.

Villains often fits the profile of those having an antisocial personality disorder, sociopahts. They violate the rights of others, they are decieving and manipulative. They are charming, and have no empathy (allthoug they might pretend to have it to manipulate you). They are impulsive and reckless. They are not able to keep friends for a long time and they often threathen people e.g. by verbal abuse. They are agressive and inpatient, Also they have difficulties with autorothy figures such as police, teachers, and maybe even the hero.

Another thing found in common of these villains, are that they all have a difficult relationship with their fathers. Oedipal compex?

They often hate despice him, or envy him of his power. Some villains have often tried to make their fathers proud of them, but to their father they are a failor and a dissapointment. This drives them crazy...or maybe more crazy, and many end up killing their father, or pretend that he does not exist.
Sometimes the hero is the killer or the contributer to the death of the father. Wich leads them (the hero an villain) to become archenemies. Like when The Green Goblin (Norman Osborne) accidentially kills himself in a battle with Spiderman. This leads Harry, Normans son to blame Spiderman, and he himself becomes the Hob Goblin, spidermans archenemy.

The hero can also have a familiar value to the villain. In form of the sibling. The hero often is the one getting all the attension, beeing the better one. And the villain often cause of this, always try to make the hero look bad, so that he himself can get the good attension. Portraying himself as the goodguy, and the hero as the bad. He is envyous. Wich also might be linked to the oedipal complex, but instead of envying the father, he envys the brother. This can often be put clearer by the father of the villain liking the hero better than his son, having a obsession with him, as Lionel Luthor in Superman. The obsession Lionel has with Clark Kent, leads his son Lex, to hating the person who once was his friend.

The charactes that I have pictues of here are the insane The Joker of Batman, the cannibal like Sylar of the american TV-show Heroes, and the symbol of evil itself Darth Vader. All these have trough their life had some sort of trouble leading them to becoming what the villains that they are. As they might have tried to live normal lives, and to be good people. Eventually their ids take control, and they turn to the dark side.

The Joker becomes quite a strange looking character after falling into chemical waste, and in some stories this, in combination with loosing his wife and child, is what drives him crazy.

Sylar has always felt that he is special, and he takes other peoples abilities by murdering them. For a while he tried to convince himself, and the good guys of the show, that he isn't a killer, by controlling his hunger. But this eventually fails, and he kills his girlfriend. We have also recently learned that the reason for his behaviour, can both be genetical and caused by childhood trauma. As his father also had his ability. He sold Sylar (whis name is really Gabriel), and killed his mother right in front of him.

Darth Vader, or Anakin Skywalker was a good guy. He started out as a poor kid, and turned into becoming a powerful Jedi knight. But he was manipulated by Palpatine to destroy the Galactic Republic and turn to to the dark with the Siths (as told by the recent prequels). Darth Vader is in fact quite a symbol of evil and deciet.

All three ended up ignoring their super-ego and ego, only following their id. They wanted power and control, and weren't satisfyed with playing good.

Well, let's bring this back to the non-fictional world.

We have had, and have, real life villains as well. Such as Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama BinLaden, Quisling and to some Stalin.

All using propaganda and manipulation to get people to believe what they think is true. To make people obey them, and give their lives to forfill their own needs. To make themself powerful, and to have control over the world. Lying, betraying... no matter what the cost: World domination. The Villains #1 priority.

But then again, you could say that about any politician...

And, you can say it about the commercial industry.

Cause who does not use all these factors more than ad agencies, and the people giving them the task to make commercials to trick people into buying their product.

The Villains of the real world: the ad agency. Fooling you into buying the stuff that you don't acctually want, and even less need.Making you a slave to consumtion and materialism. And by listening to them, we join the Dark Side... We ignore Yoda (our super-ego) telling us not to buy that Coke, cause Palpatine(our id) is more convincing and persuasive.

Everyone wants to be Luke Skywalker, of course. He is the hero, and the good guy. And most likely, we all like to think we are him too. Rejecting all evil.

But then again...Darth Vader is much cooler. He's got more power and cotrol. He is the Dark Lord. The bad guy is attacive in all want to only like the good guy, cause you know it's right. But you just can't help liking the bad guy.

The bad guy always seems to look cooler too. He has cooler gear, and cooler viechles.

E.g. in transformers, the Decepticons look way cooler than the Autobots.
Coincidence or manipulation?

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Onkel yvind

30.mar.2009 kl.17:09

Skulle ikke mer til enn en akvarell av darth vader, s endte jeg opp med lese hele teksten her. Interessant lesning var det ogs. Jeg visste ikke at Sylar har drept kjresten sin. Jeg trodde heller ikke at faren til Sylar drepte mora hans rett forran ya p'n. Men det er mulig jeg har missforsttt. For jeg trodde Sylar drepte "mora" si sjl. Jeg har dog ikke kommet orntli' i gang med sesong 3 da.


31.mar.2009 kl.02:34

Ja..jeg burde skrive at det er et par spoilers her om man ikke har sett hele sesong 3:POg det er faktisk malt med tusj, og ikke akvarell maling ;)


01.apr.2009 kl.21:42

haah, dette likte jeg godt. Fin tusj du har ftt deg! Ble veldig kule.

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