"Let them eat cake!"

Tenkte jeg skulle poste sak nr. 2 i min visual diary, som er basert p forelesningen vi hadde om den moderne tids tanke...dvs forskere, kunstnere, fysikere etc. fra antikken frem til den industrielle revolusjon.
For eksempel Aristoteles, Darwin, Da Vinci, Newton...alle de store!

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I was eating at Burger King this weekend when I remembered that I was supposed to be thinking about my visual diary. Wich was quite a lucky thing actually, cause It got me thinking of some interesting subjects.

It got pretty broad, but I'll try to make it short in here.

First I started looking at the people sitting around me, and I realized that they were all quite different. There was no suprise by that, since everyone can eat at a place like Burger King. Even the royal family could eat at Burger King if they wanted to, and they wouldn't probably feel as if they were demoralizing themselves by doing so.

In older ages, like the e.g. 18th century, royal families would be at the top of the hiriachy, and food would be no problem. And it would not be just a meal to slightly fill up your stomache, they would get a range of foods, desserts and wine in one sitting. While the family in the village might starve, and not even get a piece of bread.

Thinking then of the french revolutions food shortage, where Marie Antoinette has been falsely quoted for saying: Let them eat cake (if they can't get bread).

The lower you were in the hiriachy triangle, the less food would be available too you.

And the higher up you were, I guess that the value of food meant less to you. I think that they probably loved food up there, but they did not apprechiate it the same way as another person would.

Of course there is still a difference between people with a lot of money an d ones with less, but that does not change tha fact that the King of France in that age would most likely not eat at the local pub, as well as the peasant wouldn't dine something cooked by a gourmet chef.

Now on the other hand, you might cook a meal as good as the ones that the Queen gets served..or maybe even better. There is no limit to what you can get your hands on. You don't have to get a special import of exotic foods or spices, you probably have more or less what you need in your local grocery store. And if not, there are special shops everywhere where you can get a bit more exclusive wares.

You don't have to be in the royal family, or have Steve Jobs bank account. You can more or less get whatever you want, almost wherever you want.

Even if its simply just plain old Burger King.

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24.mar.2009 kl.09:27

Veldig stilig.. Hres ut som en morsom oppgave egentlig! :)


24.mar.2009 kl.09:46

ja, det er gy! krever litt oppfinnsomhet, men det er veldig givende. Man fr mange ideer til senere bruk i alle fall.


24.mar.2009 kl.17:38

Nh. Dette var kult. Fikk kortet ditt i dag forresten. og h, jeg skal sjekke ut den filmen.

Onkel yvind

24.mar.2009 kl.23:09

Kule refleksjoner, og jeg likte collagen som hrte til. Men, hvordan skal mormor f med seg dette, nr det str p engelsk? Hun kommer jo til bruke like lang tid p lese, som hun brukte p sin kommentar til forrige innlegg. :)


25.mar.2009 kl.01:56

Hehe, antagelig lenger:Pdu fr oversette for henne.


25.mar.2009 kl.23:04

Utrolig kult!!

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