For Jorge - miss you :(


I will write this post in english, cause Jorge well, he was American. Jorge has been my myspace/email/chat pal for 'bout two years.
I was starting to worry about him tho' cause I havn't heard from him in months! So I sent him a mail wondering about if he'd been abducted by aliens again. Kindof a joke we had going on. We had so much fun writing to each other.
He was the coolest dude ever! And I wanted so much to suprise visit him when I might be travelling in february/march.

I just opend my mail and was very happy to see his name in my inbox...what was weird was that in the title it wasn't the usual funny type, it had a NO REPLY in it...and when i opended it, it said this:

"We at Yahoo! regret to inform you that the user of ***@*** is in the 'Hurricane Ike victim list' of persons who diseased during the natural disaster of September 13th, 2008."

Probably the worst mail I've gotten ever.

Jorge used to live in Galveston (or G-town as he called it =)), Texas. This is one of the places where the hurricane destroyed very much. So sorry to hear, that my "Whoregay" had to be one of the victims.

I miss you so much Jorge, and I'm sorry that we're never going to meet.
Your never going to get any russ stash (he was all fired up about our russ celebration)
We are never going to get to be ninjas in the dark.
You will never get abducted by aliens.
We will never get ape shit drunk together. We would have been an insane couple of disaster. hehe.
and...I will neve read your funny mails again.
I will truly miss it a lot. I've told a lot of my friends about you, and I considered you to be a very good one too.
And you knew a lot about me too...of course it's easier to confide in someone you have never met...but well, I really cared about you. You ment much to me.

You were awsome.
Rest in Peace.

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13.des.2008 kl.13:59

:/ jeg kan huske at du har prata om han, og dette var veldig trist lese. Vanskelig finne noe fornuftig si til snt, annet enn at det er utrolig urettferdig. (jeg visste ikke at yahoo hadde en slik "tjeneste". Det var jo.. p en mte fint.)

Mari- Lo

13.des.2008 kl.22:37

Huff, s forferdelig trist :(


14.des.2008 kl.12:24

fy fader trist

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